Municipal Ports Service

Piazza Municipio 1
P.O. Box 564
6614 Brissago

Arch. Ivano Bondietti
Tel. +41 91 786 81 75

Simone Gambetta
Tel. +41 91 793 43 75

There are two municipal harbours in Brissago: the first is called 'Porto Vecchio' and is located near the landing stage of the Lago Maggiore Navigation Company, while the other in 'Alla Resiga' was opened in 1994.

The 'Alla Resiga' harbour has 149 berths at the piers, 12 berths at the buoys, 6 gangway berths and a slipway.

The harbour 'Porto Vecchio' has 16 moorings.

The operation of the harbours is regulated by the Municipal PCA Regulations.

The technical-administrative management is entrusted to a director, a secretary and a keeper, both from the municipal administration.