Energy Desk

Municipal energy policy

The Municipality of Brissago intends to play an exemplary role and pursue a careful and climate-friendly energy policy. This includes the municipality's desire to equip itself with an energy plan that analyses the municipality's current situation and the potential for savings in the short, medium and long term, as well as locating the possibilities of exploiting available materials and identifying production potentials. The Municipal Energy Plan (PECo) was prepared during 2019. The final report, which among other things contains the energy targets and an action plan with the measures to be implemented to achieve them, is available to all interested parties.

Energy incentives

Financial incentives are an important energy policy instrument that aims to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Below is an overview of the incentives available at municipal, cantonal and federal level.


The recommendations of SvizzeraEnergia

SvizzeraEnergia is the federal government's programme to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. It aims to raise the population's awareness of energy issues and regularly publishes informative documentation to inform citizens in a simple and clear manner.

On the SvizzeraEnergia website, you can find tips, documents, projects and much more information, divided according to various topics:

If you have specific questions and would like initial advice, please contact the SvizzerEnergia Infoline. At cantonal level, the TicinoEnergia Association also offers a free advisory service .

Various documents and brochures on energy

SvizzeraEnergia and the Federal Office of Energy regularly publish documents and brochures on various energy-related topics. These documents can be downloaded in electronic format or ordered free of charge in printed form. Paper copies of some of the following documents are available at the counter of the Municipal Technical Office.

All available brochures and documents are divided into the following categories:

Installing a solar system

Solar energy can be used to produce electricity (solar photovoltaic) or hot water (solar thermal). At you will find all the information on the various technologies available to make the most of solar energy.

Check the solar energy potential of your building at or at

SvizzeraEnergia offers a free quote comparison service for a solar installation. If you would like to install a solar power system, request at least two offers and upload them to the solar energy check page to have them analysed in detail. Within a few days you will receive a complete and neutral evaluation of the offers, which you can use to make an informed decision on who to entrust your project to. At you will find a list of experienced companies active in the solar sector.

Efficient mobility

You need to change your vehicle and would like an energy-efficient car? At you will find an overview of cars in energy class A or B (with limited CO2 emissions).

If you have already decided to switch to electric mobility, shows you the availability of charging stations in Switzerland in real time. The public charging network in Ticino is managed by Emotì, in cooperation with the electric companies.

The Canton of Ticino provides incentives for those who purchase an electric vehicle or install a private electric charging station.

Further information

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