School Institute

Municipal School Institute
Via al Lago 4
6614 Brissago

Bernasconi Marina

Tel. +41 91 793 21 55

Prato Deborah

Tel. +41 91 786 81 50

The Brissago Municipality School Institute comprises the Preschool and Primary School.

Preschool - SI

Ma. Sandrini Lara         
Telephone: +41 91 793 17 82

Elementary School - SE

Canova Daria - 1st grade
Cattori Chantal and Kümmerli Barbara - 2nd-3rd grade
Lanini Alexandra - 4th-5th grade

Special teachers

Guidotti Sofia - Pedagogical support
Madonna Maggetti Clara - Plastic arts education
Antezana Olmo - Music education
Eberli Orfeo - Physical education

Head of Education

Marcacci-Rossi Veronica

Brissago Parents' Assembly

The Parents' Assembly actively collaborates with the school management and proposes various activities throughout the year.

President: Pagani Samantha

School canteen

The canteen is run by the MIRA extracurricular centre.

The canteen is open to all pupils, subject to enrolment using the appropriate form to be requested from the Directorate.

Responsible: Vania Franconi
Telephone: +41(0)78 245 52 77

Zerosedici Foundation

Social project that aims to offer socialisation and integration opportunities to all children from 0 to 15 years of age. 

All information on the website:

Telephone: +41 91 743 44 66