Events Commission

Commissione Eventi
c/o Perlini Cristiana
Via San Giorgio 12
6614 Brissago

Mobile: +41 79 962 09 18

Next events:

19.-20.07.2024 - Brissago in Festa
(Summer market registration)

Throughout the year, the Commission organises events, courses, etc. for residents and tourists.

Cultural proposals:

  • On the Brissago Threshold - historical landscape itinerary

This historical-landscape itinerary aims to highlight the architectural and scenic beauty of Brissago. It also recounts the history and events of the illustrious people who lived there and reviews important and/or curious events that occurred there. The introductory text invites the visitor to relax, to meditate, to disconnect from daily stress, immersing himself in the surrounding beauty. On the threshold of Brissago a visitor can discover a village with all its peculiarities and rediscover himself in it.

The circular hike covers 5 km with an altitude difference of 170 m and a walking time of 1h30-2h.


  • The treasures of Brissago - treasure hunt

You should know that many years ago, Brissago was not the quiet and pretty village we know today. Situated between the possessions of the Confederates and the Duchy of Milan, the territory of Brissago was a land of raids by bandits and a landing place for pirates, always fighting to grab the great riches that these lands held in dowry.
One day, however, legend has it that a mischievous little devil stole some coins from a pirate treasure and scattered them all over the village. Amid ancient characters and mysterious creatures, it is now up to you to explore Brissago to find the coins and figure out where the mysterious treasure chest is hidden: let the hunt begin!

To start the search, download the App now from the App Store or Google Play and pick up the paper map at the Bar Incontro in front of the Town Hall (cost CHF 5). Once the hunt is over, each completed map will entitle you to a nice prize.

Duration: 1.5h
Distance: 2.5 km
Height difference: 115 m

The treasure hunt is fun and interesting for the whole family. Children in particular (aged 4 and up) will enjoy it and it is an excellent opportunity to explore the interior of the village and the mountain slopes.

Map pick-up times: daily from 08.00-20.00 at the Bar Incontro.

Download the App on App Store or Google Play

Current projects

Brissago - Destination analysis and tourism development study