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Private Construction
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This Section deals with the application of legal provisions concerning private building, site controls and environmental controls.

In the context of procedural issues related to the use of private property (real estate), it is to this Section that the owner, administrator or planner must turn for the instruction of renovation or new building practices, to learn about existing planning aspects and constraints, and municipal, cantonal and federal legal provisions on construction.

Private Building Desk

  • Information on the application of planning acts
  • Information on municipal, cantonal and federal building regulations
  • Publication on the municipal notice board, to neighbours or, if the property is located outside the building zone, in the Official Gazette of building applications or building notifications received from private individuals
  • Upon request, making official planimetric situations and cadastral summaries available to users
  • Information for the preparation of building applications see procedures and forms, notifications and use of funds
  • Making building applications or notifications received from applicants available to the public during the publication period
  • Managing and then updating the municipal index register
  • Prevising, at the request of the Town Hall, the issuance of formal habitability permits for new or converted buildings, or for private building work completed in the meantime
  • Providing the Cantonal Valuation Office with periodic lists of new buildings and/or completed converted and refurbished buildings

The official surveyor of the Municipality of Brissago, who is responsible for the preparation and management of the official map acts, is engineer Luca Rossetti (Studio d'ingegneria Andreotti & Partners SA, Locarno), who is appointed by the Municipality.


List of Federal Laws and Ordinances

  • LPAc Legge sulla protezione delle acque del 24 gennaio 1991
  • OPAc Ordinanza sulla protezione delle acque del 28 novembre 1998
  • LEF Legge federale sull'esecuzione e sul fallimento dell'11 aprile 1889
  • CCS Codice civile svizzero del 10 dicembre 1907 (Stato 21 dicembre 2004)

List of cantonal laws and regulations

  • LALIA Legge d'applicazione della legge contro l'inquinamento delle acque dell'8 ottobre 1971
  • DE Decreto esecutivo concernente il Regolamento delle canalizzazioni, i contributi e le tasse del 3 febbraio 1977
  • LE Legge edilizia cantonale del 13 marzo 1991
  • RLE Regolamento di applicazione della legge edilizia del 9 dicembre 1992
  • LPamm Legge di procedura per le cause amministrative del 10 aprile 1966
  • LOC Legge organica comunale del 10 marzo 1987
  • Regolamento sull'utilizzazione dell'Energia (RUEn) del 16 settembre 2009